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we are Women at the Well

 A community of women walking in faith and celebrating our redeemed sisterhood because of the transforming love of Jesus.


why "women at the well"?


where the scandalous meets the sacred

Every one of us has a part of our story that we are not proud of. Decisions and experiences where we would hit the delete button in a heartbeat if we could.

These secrets keep sections of our lives, and our hearts, closed off from deep healing and true community. We walk about in insecurity, shame, or fear that this past will be exposed, and so we live as a shell of the influential woman we were created to be. 

Oh, but friend, Jesus sees each of us and He sets Himself up perfectly to meet us where we are. It is at the well where the scandalous and the sacred meet and we are forever changed. 


 John 4

In the Gospel of John, we find the story of Jesus and the original "Woman at the well."

Jesus has chosen to travel through the land of Samaria, even though the cultural views of the Jewish people of that time gave him permission to go around it and completely ignore the Samaritan people found there. Yet, Jesus made it a point to journey through the land. 

Weary from the day's journey, he took rest alongside the community well in the heat of the day. An outcast from her society, the woman arrives to intentionally draw water from the well when no others would be present.  

Stepping over the cultural boundary of Jew speaking to Samaritan, ignoring the social boundary of a man speaking to a woman without her husband present,  Jesus engages in conversation with the woman. Soon, he reveals that he knows her past and yet, he does not shun her, condemn her or disgrace her. She is known, yet not judged.

Jesus then reveals that He is the very One, the Messiah, the promised Deliverer, that she has been waiting for.

Overcome by this Jesus, she sets down her watering jar and returns to the very people she had tried so desperately to avoid. Her shame has lost its power and now her story, which once kept her hidden, has become her platform for reaching others with the good news of Jesus. 


we are all women at the well

This story is our vision and it beckons all of us to bring the messiest parts of our lives to the well and be met by the scandalous grace of Jesus Christ waiting there, so that we may live free and invite others to experience the same. 



the retreat

where we come together

Women at the Well is first a community, but also a retreat, where the scandalous and the sacred meet. We are sisters and we want to share in a celebration of all we are - together and individually.

Join us September 18-20, 2018 in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Georgia on the beautiful campus of WinShape Retreat Center as we come together to experience the scandalous grace of Jesus Christ and walk out our redeemed sisterhood together. You are welcome here, just as you are.